Manjit Devgun

Manjit is a leading mind coach of Sikh Punjabi descent. Growing up singing Kirtan and practicing meditation, Manjit learned the discipline of self-awareness and mind-body connection. After years of teaching, Manjit found that her clients benefited from a more personalized approach to breakthrough negative patterns and manifest their goals.

For the last 8 years, Manjit has channeled these learnings into her own modern mindfulness practice with integrative breathwork, hypnosis, and sound. This practice is now adopted by top brands and CEOs including Chanel, The New York Times, Gates Ventures, Google and Squarespace.

About Manjit

Manjit guides top brands and CEOs as a mind coach using modern mindfulness.

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When we upgrade our minds, we upgrade our lives.

Our subconscious limiting beliefs are holding us back from achieving our goals. Most of us are not aware of the patterns that we have accumulated over the years. When we are children, especially before the age of seven, our minds are like sponges and we form core beliefs from our societal and cultural influences.

These beliefs are held in our subconscious mind and through the practice of self-hypnosis we can adapt these beliefs and manifest the life we envision. With modern mindfulness, Manjit has helped clients:

Release stress
Let go of fear
Conquer anxiety
Heal past trauma
Reclaim sexual power
Recognize self-worth
Repattern bad habits
Expand self-expression
Cultivate self-acceptance
Master relationships
Heal from loss
Unblock creativity
Gain mental clarity
Relieve insomnia
Discover purpose
Harness mind-body connection
Access peak performance
Relieve Pain
Strengthen immune function
Manifest abundance
Manjit’s Mission

Private coaching for guidance on your unique path.

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Sessions are personalized to your goals and integrate various healing modalities including meditation, breathwork, hypnosis, sound and energetics.


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Identify personal challenges & goals
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The best way to overcome challenges in your life is to create a daily practice. Personal recordings are designed to be listened to every day for 12 weeks.


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Private Consultation & Energetic Reading
30 Minute Personal Recording
Personal check-ins

Mind Coaching

Cultivate your own mindfulness practice and have control over your emotions. This practice will empower with the tools to handle life’s challenges on your own.


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Custom program design
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My passion is to create awareness about self-hypnosis as a tool for positive change.