Self-Hypnosis explained.

Hypnosis is a safe and easy way to break through limited belief patterns, improve anxiety, clear phobias and manifest your goals.
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You are in a light hypnosis when you ‘zone’ out watching a movie, are drifting off in a nap or are listening to a podcast lying down with your eyes closed.

When you wake up every morning you come out of deep delta sleep which is a slower brain wave state and come up through the theta (drowsy state) where your pull yourself out of instantly by recalling where you are and your surroundings.

Before you are fully awake, you may be in a relaxed alpha state which is the same brainwave state as if you are comfortably relaxed and intently listening to what someone is saying so you can absorb the information longterm.

When you open your eyes and are awake, this is usually low level beta brainwave level. If you are busy and multitasking the brain waves speed up more to medium beta and high anxiety or fight or flight mode and panic attacks are usually reflective in high beta brain wave patterns.

This is where the prefrontal cortex is working overtime for your survival, there is no room here for being creative or opening the longterm memory of the subconscious mind. Only action and response takes priority.

Unfortunately recent studies show that too many of us are living in a state of heightened beta brainwave level.

Where the magic happens.

In the Manjit app sessions we use integrated hypnosis which includes breathwork, meditation techniques and energy healing, as well as binaural beats and sound healing. We go back to our roots to implement ancient modalities which are now proven by the latest in scientific research to bring you to the brainwave state relevant to your desired goals.

The alpha or theta brainwave state is where we are the most prone to suggestibility and where our brains were in the developing stage below the age of seven. Whatever we listen to, or practice in this relaxed state allows for improved focus and concentration and opens us up to the wonders of creativity.

The brain ushers the thinking mind away from the stresses of everyday life and navigates it towards all the possibilities that we can create and manifest .


We get to utilize our happy memories from our subconscious mind and wonderful experiences that we normally don’t have time to remind ourselves with. In this process we are accessing our joy, truth and authenticity as well as harnessing our intuition.

The more time we spend in these sessions, the more we connect more neurons in the brain together to create the thinking brain of how we want to be and show up in the world. This is known as Neuroplasticity which is the brains ability to change itself. We slowly get to re-wire the way we think.

This happens naturally by repetition and discipline but is heightened when you are in a calm, relaxed state. When you also close your eyes and use visualization and creative thinking to design a state of how you want to feel, the brain doesn't know the difference between reality and your inner vision so your body processes and stores it in the long term memory as experience.

The more you bypass the critical analytical conscious mind and open up the subconscious mind, you will harness feeling more safety and security as a baseline and see positive changes in the way you show up in the world.

We all have learnt behaviour that doesn’t always harness a growth mindset and with self compassion we can take time to re-pattern out-dated programming from childhood, society, religion, culture, our parents and caretakers.

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