Experience the benefits
of an integrative approach to mindfulness.

Overcome limiting beliefs and bias to evolve your mindset. Identify personal goals and expand potential in all areas of your life.

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Backed by neuroscience and clinical psychology.

Sessions are composed with frequencies scientifically-proven to change your brain state and affirmations for self-improvement. Practices are curated by goal, length of time and technique, so you can always discover new sessions personal to you.

How it Works

Meet your personal mind coach.

Manjit Devgun
Co-Founder | Mind Coach

Our mission is to make it easier, more affordable, and more accessible to change behavior. Founded by leading wellness facilitator Manjit Devgun, the Manjit app brings her expertise of building multidisciplinary programs for top-ranking brands into a single platform. The word Manjit itself means 'Conqueror of the Mind.'

Our Mission

Evolve your subconscious and create new patterns.

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Elevate Your Workplace

Elevate your workplace culture and collectively create business success with our corporate experience.
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Discover more of who you are with modern mindfulness.

The daily practice of mindfulness evolves into a lifestyle of growth and awareness to become more aware of who you are, what you want
and how you can get there.

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